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Translate the sentences
If a girl catches the bride’s bouquet after a wedding, she

will be the next to marry.
If you break a mirror, you will have seven years’ bad luck.
If you talk of the devil, he will appear.
If you see a small spider, you will get a lot of money.
If you scratch your left hand, you will give money away.
If you touch wood, your good luck will continue.
If a black cat crosses your path, you will have good luck (in Britain).
If a black cat crosses your path, you will have bad luck (in Russia

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Make up your sentences

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Put the verbs into the right form

1. If I (see) John, I'll tell

him your news. 2. He (be) very pleased if it (be) really true. 3. If you (go) to town on Monday, you (meet) my brother Tom. 4. If you (need) help, my father (help) you. 5. We (have) a picnic lunch if the day (be) fine. 6. If you (ask) a policeman, he (tell) you the way. 7. I (finish) the job tomorrow if I (can). 8. I (not/require) an umbrella if (not/rain). 9. If she (think) it over carefully, she (form) a clear opinion. 10. If they (catch) the bus now, they (arrive) at half past nine.

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Put the verbs into the right form

11. He (find) the answers if he

(look) at the back of the book. 12. If you (want) me to, I (come) for a walk with you. 13. If he (write) to her, she (answer) at once. 14. If you (wait) a few moments, the waiter (bring) your coffee. 15. He (lose) weight if he (stop) eating too much. 16. If she (be) patient, I (try) to explain. 17. I (wear) a pur­ple tie but only if I (must). 18. If we (leave) at once, we (catch) the ear­ly train. 19. If he (do) that again, his father (punish) him. 20. If she (drink) this medicine, she (feel) much better.

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Put the verbs into the right form

1. If you (eat) another cake, you

(be) sick. 2. You (fail) your exam if you (not/study) hard. 3. What you (do) if you (fail)? 4. Our children and grandchildren (suffer) if we (not/look after) our planet. 5. If you (be) late, I (go) without you. 6. If she (pass) her driving test, she (buy) a car. 7. If my neighbours (not/stop) making a noise, I (go) round and complain.

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If I see him,I`ll give him a lift.(подвезти)
The table will break if

you stand on it.
If he eats all the cakes, he`ll be ill.
If I find your book, I telephone you.
The police will arrest him if they catch him.
If he read late at night,he`ll be sleepy in the morning.
Your car will be stolen if you leave it unlocked.
I`ll get angry if you make many mistakes.
If you boil some water,I`ll make tea.
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