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The medical profession is one of the most ancient professions. In the

history of forever remain the names of the first prominent doctors of antiquity (Hippocrates,Asklepides), whose knowledge and art of treating people not only have saved many lives, but also led to development of medicine.

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The duties of a modern doctor include: provision of timely routine and

emergency medical care, the revealing of the reasons of different diseases, diagnostics and treatment of patients, the implementation of rehabilitation and preventive measures, the introduction of new drugs and medicines, implementation of sanitary-educational work among the population, development and introduction of new methods of diagnostics and treatment of various diseases.

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The profession includes a number of specialties, allocated to the organ system

or for the specific diseases, treatment of which is engaged by the doctor (a physician, surgeon, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, etc.).

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In addition to directly work with patients in the duties of

the doctor enters the documentation part of the working time that is allocated him also to enhance his own skills and exchange experiences with colleagues. In some specializations doctors are almost exclusively work with complicated equipment (for diagnostic or maintenance of life of patients), and their personal contact with patients are kept to a minimum.

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Police officer is a person, authorized to maintain public order, protect peace,

health and property of all law-abiding members of society.

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Naturally, the representative
of this profession is also
obliged to protect the

and property of the perpetrators,
but that their rest on the
contrary disappears in the
form of uniform police officers.
For its defence the police
can also distinguished by
special instruments of labor
a rubber stick and a gun.
Such professional guns due
to the fact that the craft they
have a special and requires
use of force, when there
is no other way.

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People with such profession can
be found only on the territory of the

former USSR, because the rest of the
world call them the police. Of
course, that as soon as there was any formed community of people, that in it were the ones
who forced them to respect the rules and order.
The policemen appeared instead of
the tsarist police and gendarmerie on the
territory controlled by the revolutionary
command in the spring of 1917. The name
of the «police», meaning an armed militias,
was introduced for creating apparent proximity
to the common men. Official date of Foundation of the police units is considered to be November 10,1917, when the decree of the NKVD «About the militia» was. Initially it was just the volunteer detachments of
workers and peasants, but about
a year later formed the state
service of the police...

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The procedure is held mostly on the fear of punishment. If not

affiliated with this particular profession, our company during several days fell to the uncontrolled anarchy. But thanks to the methods, which are some of the police officers, as well as the characteristics of the personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees, in our days attitude towards the police differs for different people.
The first thing they asked, among wishing to find a job in the police station is if you were in the ranks of the armed forces. By the nature of the duties to be performed, the militiaman must have physical shape, have the methods of hand-to-hand combat and a strong sense of justice. An experienced guardian of the order may specify in the crowd of people and it is the man who threw a stone through the window of the shop.

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What is good in the profession of police officer, so this is

the career growth - up to the rank of General. Guards of an order have the pleasure to enjoy the multitude of social guarantees in the form of free of charge medical service, places for recreation etc. But we should not forget that the staff of bodies of Internal Affairs risks their lives each day, chasing a criminal elements, and in return receives a contemptuous attitude of the majority of the population because of corruption in the ranks of the leadership of the police.

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The firemen work on extinguishing fires, and rescuing people, liquidations of

consequences of accidents and natural disasters, the evacuation of human values.

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The activities of the fire is a work with the use of

the knowledge of the device and the rules of work with fire-technical and safety equipment for fire vehicles, devices operating insulating gas masks, peculiarities of extinguishing of fires and elimination of consequences of natural disasters, ways of saving people and the evacuation of material values, the order of carrying out of fire-prevention condition of the dwelling and household
objects, the rules of
production sanitation
and fire safety.

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Produces an autopsy and the dismantling of constructions with the use of

special units, mechanisms, insulating devices. Performs the duties of relevant numbers of combat crew firefighting vehicle. Renders first medical aid to victims of the fire. Contains in a good condition of fire-technical and rescue arms and equipment, carries out its technical maintenance, testing and troubleshooting. To apply radios and interphone, available on arms fire part. To bear service on the posts, on patrol, in the inner attire of the guard in accordance with the requirements of the relevant statutes and regulations.

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To carry qualitatively out its work, the specialist in the sphere

of education uses knowledge of pedagogy, psychology and physiology.

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The teacher in their professional activities shall be guided by the laws

on the issues of education, as well as the Convention on the rights of the child. Here it is important to understand the interests and needs of the students and find the approach to each, realize his creative potential. The ability to organize their teaching activities, to create a working method, which will give fruitful results, " is the main criteria for the activities of a good specialist.

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The teacher conducts lessons, which provide new information in the framework of

his subject. Carries out the repetition and fastening of the studied material. Controls the educational activity of students by grades. To organize independent work of students, he gives the additional work to revise the material at home. Inspects the work of pupils, prepares to them control and verification work. Conducts off-remedial classes on the students’ programmes. Takes part in the session of the meeting of educators.

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The results of the poll on the theme «popular Professions»

We have recently conducted

a survey among our classmates about the most popular professions these days. Here are the results of this poll.

We recently conducted a survey among their classmates about the most popular professions these days. Here are the results of this poll. In conclusion, I want to say that all trades are good and require a responsible attitude towards them. You just need to make the right choices in life and follow it consistently.

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In our mind the most popular jobs in our class are considered

doctors and teachers. No one from us would like to be a mechanic, engineer or astronaut. I think that is because of our interests to other school subjects. Now the most favorite subjects at school are Literature, History, Chemistry, Biology. Doctors and teachers are the most popular jobs because some of our parents are doctors and teachers. They are good specialists and they became our model for future imitation.

Our common opinion about popular professions

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