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Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Sports.
Country: USA.
Slogan: "they raise the game

to a higher level.".
Director: Randall Miller.
Script: Christopher Reed, Cynthia Carla ... "
Producers: Albert Beveridge, Justin Greene ... "
Composer: Marcus Miller.
Budget: 11,000,000 $.

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The plot

The story of the brothers Taylers, who devoted their life to basketball.

played day and night, until the mother will drive them home. In their team they were the key players and took the whole game to ourselves but without each other they couldn't be.

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Early in the season in case of an accident dies the older brother

Taylor. After the troubles experienced by the younger can not longer play basketball, he can do nothing without his brother and everyone starts to think that the team will suffer a huge defeat in the season...

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One day after training youngest brother Taylor hears strange noises, and then in

the locker room he sees the Ghost of his older brother which gets a little surprised...

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Throughout the season the Ghost eldest brother helped my team win, but in

the final Junior told him that he no longer needs his help and that the victory they need to earn it themselves.

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In the end, they triumphed, and his brother, the Ghost went to heaven,

to play for a basketball team with all the legends of basketball...
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