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Big Ben

It is the clock in the clock tower of the Houses of

Parliament. The sound of Big
Ben is well-known all over the world because it’s broadcast by the BBC.

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Tower of Bridge

The Tower Bridge is located in above the River Thames, London. 

Tower Bridge contains two massive towers which are linked together. The bridge stands at a height of 60 meters and the height of each tower is about 43 meters.

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Bukingham Place

It is the London home of the Queen.
When the flag is

flying on the top she is at home.

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Museum madam Tussaud

It is a museum which
contains wax figures of famous people. It

was opened in 1835

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The Tower of London

It is an ancient fortress
in the City, formerly
a palace,

then a prison.
It is now a museum and the place where the Crown jewels are kept.

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1. What is the name of the famous clock in London?
2. Where

does Big Ben stand?
3. How often can you hear Big Ben?
4. Where do the Houses of Parliament stand?
5. Does the Queen of Britain live in the Tower?

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Put the letters in the correct form:
- umsemu
- numontme
- retteha
- distamu

- liaparmetn
- nemaic
- legarly
- aresqu
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