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Mother's Day composition Mother is the first word in each

Mother's Day composition

Mother is the first word in each life. Moms give

life for us.There is probably no country where people do not celebrate Mother's Day. In Russia, Mother's Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in November to pay tribute to every mother's work and selfless sacrifice for the good of her children.
Mom is the first word of each baby. Mother is the most important for all of us. From early childhood, she helps us, feeds, dresses, walks with us. How much our mothers have to endure! Mother can always understand and help in a difficult situation. One only needs to appreciate, love, help and respect her! ?Mother's Day is celebrated in many countries of the world at different time. In this case, unlike the International Women's Day on March 8, Mother's Day honors only mothers and pregnant women but not all females. ?According to some sources, the tradition to celebrate Mother's Day dates back to ancient Rome, women's mysteries, intended to honor the Great Mother — the goddess, mother of all Gods. We also know that in England of  the XV-th century the so-called "Mothering Sunday" was noted — the fourth Sunday of Lent, was dedicated to honor all mothers across the country. Gradually, this festival has acquired a different meaning. So the holiday has become a kind of church one. On December 12, 1912 the International Association of Mother's Day was established to spread the conscious celebration of this day. ?Among many festivals celebrated in our country, Mother's Day is a special day. This is the celebration to which no one can be indifferent. On this day I want to say thanks to all Mothers who give children their love, kindness, and gentleness. ?Many people in our country do not even know about this holiday. Our mothers expect our congratulations, and we forget. So, now go to your Mummy and tell her that you love her very much!? Strange, but in our country, no special measures in this connection are made. Is there any place where you can see posters of congratulations to Mum? Only the Internet remembers everything. Strange as it may seem, in our country this holiday isn't widely celebrated.  Let the glow on their faces and joyful smile sparkle in the eyes when you are together!
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poems You, my dear, you, love, You, my unique, I


You, my dear, you, love,
You, my unique,
I hasten to

congratulate on this day.
Let never a shadow of sadness
Do not spoil your face,
And eternal life ring Always only be gold.
Mom! With your holiday!
You were always my own,
Whatever there was a way Be always happy life,
And healthy, too, whether,
Let it not become a place of sadness,
Joy let soon come,
Instead of rain and clouds Better sun rises!
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Mother’s Day Mother is the most important person in the

Mother’s Day

Mother is the most important person in the

life of everyone. She gave us the life, she devoted all her life and time to us, she was always near to feed us and take care of us. So for me one of the best holidays is Mother’s Day.  In Russia we usually celebrate this day on the last Sunday of November. We usually give our mothers flowers and some little presents, some people take their mothers to a restaurant for dinner, we also say very nice words to them. Of course it is not the only day when we should say our mothers about our love and gratitude for everything she has done for us.  In America Mother's Day comes on the second Sunday in May. As well as in Russia, in America it is not a national holiday. The holiday was suggested by Anna Jarvis. In 1907, the day was celebrated in a church in Philadelphia. A member of that church had the Sunday morning service to honour her own mother. More and more churches in cities started having a special day to honour mothers. Since 1914, the whole country has celebrated Mother's day. There is a tradition to wear a red or pink flower if one's mother is living and a white flower if one's mother is dead. This wonderful holiday is also celebrated in China, Japan, Canada and most of the European countries.
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