New Year презентация

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I love New Year, because it is long holidays, vacations, and many sweets

with gifts, and decoration of trees.

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Almost all countries celebrate New Year December 31,January 1. For example, Israel.

Celebrate the New Year your Israelites fall - the new moon of the month of Tishrei on the Jewish calendar.

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All ways are beginning to prepare for the new year.

We clean our homes,

after we begin to decorate the outside and inside.
Buy New Year decorations, lights and decorate the tree.
We buy gifts for all family members, as well as relatives, friends, colleagues.
We make the menu on New Year's Eve, purchase products and sweets.
Buy a tree.

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Buy tree. It is impossible, and without trees. Someone who likes to live Christmas

tree and someone else. Personally, I like to live.

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Already a month before the New Year can be seen everywhere a festive

look. On the streets hanging gerlyandy. In the windows of houses can be seen decorated Christmas tree. On the TV show Christmas movies, presentation.

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Gifts are placed under the tree, and after they give children. Many parents

are invited to his house mummers Santa Claus and Snow Maiden they brings gifts to children. At midnight we pour each other champagne and celebrate the New Year.
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