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Tourism is fine that everyone finds in it that wants.

Tourism is fine that everyone finds in it that wants. Someone

likes mountains, someone likes the rivers, someone likes to have a rest on a beach, and others want to test themselves for durability. The tense nerves too, strangely enough, can help the person to take off fatigue. It is served by gaining strength around the world, and especially in Russia, adventure tourism. More and more people seek to see beauty of the underwater world, to go down on a hillside on skis and even to jump from a parachute. HISTORY In Europe this type of tourism started developing fast rates already in the late eighties. And at us, in Russia, from the middle of the 90th.
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- Why people don't fly? - What? - I say,

- Why people don't fly?
- What?
- I say, why people

don't fly as birds? You know, sometimes it seems to me that I am a bird. When you stand on the mountain, so and pulls you to fly. Here so would run up, I raised hands and I departed. To try something now? (Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky "Thunder-storm")
Active types of rest win the increasing popularity among simple tourists.
Now parachute jumps and its versions are around the world very popular: skayserfing, group acrobatics or BASE. jumping.
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But we would like to tell about hand gliding today.

But we would like to tell about hand gliding today. At

first sight a hang-glider, apparently, very simple design, and many can tell that there was this aircraft after the first flights in space and that it isn't interesting to anybody any more. But those who is engaged in hand gliding, so don't consider. Who are they? Ordinary boys and girls – hang glider riders, "deltanuty", knocked about the sky, got stuck in air for a long time. To fly for them is everything, every instant flight – year of life on the earth. It is possible to tell that flight is the whole life, no, it is life. You soar in the sky, forgetting about everything, realizing that already as if and not the person at all, and even not a bird. You to whom the nature it isn't allowed to fly, after all fly, and you have no words and them and it isn't necessary. Your eyes will tell all for you. However, it is healthy?! Yes? It is the coolest party of hand gliding. But that such the Hang-glider - the Arrow-shaped wing with a suspension bracket for the pilot which only 5-7 kg weigh. The hang-glider is simple in management, and at a certain skill the hang glider rider is capable to land easily in the set point.
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Roupdzhamping and Sleklayn are very interesting. Very shortly about them.

Roupdzhamping and Sleklayn are very interesting. Very shortly about them. The

Roupdzhamping - jumps with a rope from high object by means of system of depreciation from climbing ropes and equipment. During a jump skilled jumpers often carry out spectacular acrobatic tricks. Sleklayn is a circulation on a rope or a sling which is fixed between motionless objects. In a different way Sleklayn it is possible to call a stropokhozhdeniye. Ok let's come back to Earth. Well. So, among water objects of adventure tourism diving became especially popular. Yes, yes, yes, hang glider riders should move - number of divers in Russia and around the world, promptly grows. Divers are sure that the best rest, than immersion on 40-meter depth with heavy cylinders behind the back, it is impossible to think up. In Russia the interest in diving became mass after reorganization. Then the Russian submariners started studying according to the international standards. In 1994-1996 there were first dayv-clubs, and the number of divers started growing in a geometrical progression: in 1997 certification there passed about 2 thousand citizens of Russia, and in 2001 the number received the certificate of the diver exceeded 15 thousand. And all Russian divers for immersion generally go to other countries - at many the first immersions took place on the Red Sea, on Canary Islands or in other resort places.
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Diving – is very popular around the world. And costs

Diving – is very popular around the world. And costs not

much this pleasure not. The general preparation and equipment will cost to the beginner in the sum to $1000. If not to buy equipment, the cost of preparation for the first round decreases to $250. However, then it is necessary to pay for $30-40 for rent of a suit, an aqualung and things, other, necessary at depth. Problem in that isn't enough travel agencies in Russia offering this type of rest directly in our country.
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The Black Sea, of course, won't be compared on beauty

The Black Sea, of course, won't be compared on beauty of

the underwater world to the Red Sea, but after all and at us is on what to look. Diving on the Avacha lip will be interesting that on Kamchatka is a place it is considered one of the most beautiful bays of the world. The blue lake near the city of Kazan will be remembered by fantastic purity of water and beautiful underwater landscapes. Speaking about transparency and purity of water and about the most beautiful underwater world, it is necessary to mention legendary Lake Baikal. Visibility under water in summertime reaches forty meters here, and to a look of divers the underwater landscape opens surprising beauty. Of course, the list of places where these can dive perfectly isn't limited, after all still there is both the White Sea, and the Sea of Japan, both reservoirs of Moscow area and a set of other interesting places.
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Water ski - one of the most known types of

Water ski - one of the most known types of active

recreation. It is worthy replacement to a mountain and cross-country winter skiing. And occupations by a water ski will require four things: actually water ski, life jacket, gloves and diving suit.
Water ski actively practices now on the Black Sea coast. But there roll pretty short period for which it is necessary to pay not small money.
Therefore in Russia really it is difficult for ordinary tourist and if that is more exact very expensively to take pleasure in water-skiing.
Also it is possible to carry to water activities of this type of tourism:
Surfing it too most only without sail.
Slalom kayaking
Freestyle on a kayak
- And if I am afraid of water?
And Those who is afraid of water, will approach pedestrian rounds. It too adventure tourism which is interfaced to considerable difficulties and dangers. Pedestrian routes are usually laid across virgin territories of the planet so the person has an opportunity literally to fit into the nature.
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The Mauntinbayking – becomes more and more popular, despite the

The Mauntinbayking – becomes more and more popular, despite the high

cost. But though it and expensive type of rest, and every weekend pass tens international competitions in the mountain bicycle in the world – beginning from the World Cup stages and finishing with festivals in the Scottish town or on the Polynesian atoll. Among all this competitive variety there are starts which are arranged and for not professionals from all over the world. Such events become for them both the real test, and a holiday, and opening of a new place and new friends.
The most extreme rest it is possible to call safely mountaineering where both physical, and psychological endurance of the person is checked.
Today the mountaineering represents the whole industry which evenly develops. As a rule, for ascensions it is accepted to choose summer when weather allows to reach with the minimum losses the planned top.
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However fans of the thrills don't stop also in the

However fans of the thrills don't stop also in the winter.

And difficult weather conditions and avalanches only add jokes to travel. To the mountains go to test themselves, to risk, overcome everything and to reach top. For this purpose it is necessary to be well physically prepared, it is desirable to have strong forearms, good 'extension' and small weight which should be held on only one fingers. At rise it is necessary to work not only muscles, but also the head correctly to choose, what hooks to grasp.
Here it is possible to carry:
Mountain skiing
Dzhayloo-turizm – on this type of tourism it is possible to stop and consider it in more detail. It is one of types of exotic extreme rest - life in a primitive tribe in literal sense with all delights of nomadic life. This fascinating type of tourism successfully develops on mountain pastures of Kyrgyzstan.
The dream directly on a floor of a yurta of the shepherd, near the smoky center, fresh mutton and koumiss, and also riding walks in mountains and on pastures is offered.
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